frequently asked questions

By: Ricardo Sousa / 10 December 2021

Below, you will find a list of the most common questions that website users can ask.

frequently asked questions

Below are some of your more common questions.

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What is the process for designing a new website?
Typically, we'll start with a chat about your business and goals. You may already have a brief that gives us an idea of your design and functionality requirements, otherwise, we'll work with you to create one. A sitemap structure is then produced to determine the sections, pages, and content required for the website. From there, we'll put together some initial design concepts for you to review. Based on your comments and feedback, I will evolve the design to establish the final look and feel. Once the designs have been signed off, I then begin to transform it into a usable, mobile-friendly site, as well as develop any functionality requirements. Finally, the site is then thoroughly tested and optimised before being unveiled to the world!
How long does it take to design a website?
This, again, varies depending on the size and scale of your project. A small site could take just a three or four, whereas a much larger site could take anything between 2 to 12 months.
Do you design for mobile and tablet devices?
Of course! Every website we build is responsive, meaning that it will work on even the very latest mobile phones and tablet devices.
Do you provide web hosting too?
Yes. We provide a managed hosting and support service and take care of all the infrastructure requirements needed to host your new website. We can even liaise with your existing provider to arrange a smooth transfer.
Can I manage the website myself?
Yes. The majority of the sites we build use a content management system (CMS) which allow you to add and edit pages, news articles, images, video, files and much more. No technical knowledge is required and we provide training and support as standard.
I only need a few pages designed, can you help?
Yes! We regularly design microsites and landing pages for marketing campaigns, events, promotions and more. Just let us know what you need.
How much does a website cost?
The answer largely depends on how many pages your website has, bespoke functionality and any third-party integrations, so it's impossible to say without a chat about your specific requirements. We offer a free consultation and quote, so contact us to find out more!
Do you work internationally?
Of course! I work remotely using tools such as Zoom, Google Live Chat, or Skype, just to mention a few. This makes working with businesses anywhere in the world quite straightforward.
Do you offer ongoing help with our new site once it's launched?
I offer support and upkeep. All of this is part of a contract of at least two or three years, where customer service will continue until the end of the contract. We will be here to support the growth of your company.

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