What will you get

  • Customized Template Design — pick from any design and we will customize it
  • Opens Source CMS (WordPress)
  • Blog Component — we all know Search Engines love new content 
  • Maximum of 35 pages — your website can have as many as 35 pages that we can integrate into the CMS, we will also train you how to manage your Content Management System.
  • 5 Basic components/plugins/modules (ie. calendar, custom forms, photo slideshow, blog, weather) — the basic package does not include any customization
  • Sitemap — we will include a sitemap for your website
  • Content Transfer — we will transfer all content from your old website to your new website (up to 35 pages included)
  • Integration of Google Analytics and Search Console

Website Design + Maintenance

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Table of Contents


Basic Package

Our Basic Website Package is not-so-basic and in fact, we can safely say that it’s probably the most comprehensive and affordable Basic Website Package available in the market to date.


Basic Package

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Basic Package

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The Complete Web Design Pricing Guide:
How Much To Charge for a Website

How To Charge Clients for Your Web Design Services

In addition to figuring out what to charge web design clients, you also need to decide how to charge them. There are multiple methods, with the most common being:

Hourly rates. Charging hourly means you simply bill for the total number of hours worked. Since most clients expect this, it can be your best option when you’re just starting out. It also helps you get a better understanding of how much time each type of project takes you. 

Flat ratesFlat rates enable both parties to focus on the ultimate value of the deliverable. However, there’s a risk of underestimating how much time and effort you’ll need to spend on a project in order to satisfy the client.

Monthly rates. This is basically charging flat rates for recurring work. If your skills and schedule allow, it’s an effective way to earn retainers by offering extra services such as website maintenance, copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), hosting management, and more.

It’s worth noting that as your experience and efficiency grow, at some point, charging hourly may mean doing twice as much work for the same pay as when you started. Fortunately, you can always switch to another pricing method if your current one isn’t working.


Salary puts the hourly wage at a range of $28 to $34, a typical average for a skilled freelancer is estimated to be $75. Of course, this varies based on multiple factors such as project timeline, difficulty, and even your location. In addition, long-term projects may use lower hourly rates.

You may also consider setting your hourly rates based on commonly used flat fees. According to 99designs, freelance web designers charge between $500 and $5,000 upwards on a project basis.

For example, when building landing pages, you may choose to charge your clients on the lower end of that range, whereas your average rates for full websites may go up to around $6,000 and more. Specialized projects such as e-commerce sites, which often require payment gateways, inventory management, and more, can cost even more.

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